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Daisy Boy

girlfriend and I for @warbyparker :):)

giving Juliette headaches since 2018

sunshine kid with an anxiety disorder

Did we get Angelyne to be our video star? Why yes we did. Fukushima Daisies video dropping this Thursday

I have been trying to amend the price of seltzer water at Swingers for 15 years.

@fukushimadaisies Beauty Pageant/Release Party last week was v tight. Thanks for coming :)

T O M O R R O W. It’s all happening @blindbarber Highland Park. @gemandbolt supplying the beverages. @dirty_dave and @hot92.3 at the DJ booth. Wear whatever the hell you want just be nice to one another :) Come meet the @fukushimadaisies

being psychos on @lofficielusa today.


@fukushimadaisies first song is officially live. Thanks to @lofficielusa for the kind words. Links all over the damn place.

Hi there, it’s me, Miles. If you haven’t followed this fun thing I’m doin, @fukushimadaisies , it’d be real swell if you did. It’s a band, I’m the singer, and I’m really excited (anxious) about it. I really love what we’re doing and I want you to join me in it. We’ve got music coming out March 21 and May, plus some side action in between. K thanks love u bye

TFW people who treated you like shit on set get caught publicly for being greedy lames :):):)

Here’s to my bae-toven on her international day.

Been really talented for a long time

Anyone else trying to slam into each other to feel loved?

@fukushimadaisies in 3 weeks.

we can also do commercial

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