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One of my favorite landscapes is where the mountains meet the sea. There’s something about the movement of the waves and the foreboding stillness of the peaks that really create a magical scene. With every wave that came in my tripod would move with the sand, so it was a constant battle with the elements... but eventually I managed to capture this frame with a perfect leading line to Vestrahorn in the distance.

I could spend a lifetime flying over these glaciers in Iceland... but I only have 3 drone batteries.

Those of you that have been following my stories would know that Renee and I just returned from an epic journey along @thewildatlanticway in Ireland. We were completely blown away by Ireland's beauty, and were treated to some amazing weather for almost the entirety of the trip! This particular location was possibly the highlight for me. A lot of people know of the very popular Cliffs of Moher in the busier south-west Ireland.. but not nearly as many know of this incredible spot located in the quiet north-west corner of the country near Donegal. The Slieve League Cliffs are the highest sea cliffs in Ireland at over 600 meters (1800 feet) and took our breath away. Standing there, completely alone and watching as the sun set after another beautiful day of weather was something that we won't be forgetting any time soon. @TourismIreland #ad

I was digging through the archives and realized I never got around to posting this one from Iceland back in 2017. We spent a couple of hours here, sitting and listening to the glacier calving away. I’m honestly kind of scared to come back here and see how much this incredible wall of ice has retreated since we were there two years ago. It’s easy to ignore things or be ignorant to them online, but once you are faced with the reality in person it’s a whole different story.

One of those moments where you just sit in awe. I watched as the birds flew overhead, and as the waves rolled in crashing thunderously on the black sand beach below. The sun began to set, and with it came an incredible orange glow in the distance that almost looked too beautiful to be real. These moments are a pretty common occurrence in Iceland, how many of you guys have had the opportunity to experience this for yourself? Would love to hear your story 🙌🏻 Shot on the @sonyalpha A7R II and 16-35 f4 lens. Settings were 1/400 at f8, 250 ISO #AlphaCollective

No matter where you are headed the journey is sure to be a memorable one in the Finnish Lapland. One of my favorite things in the world is heavily snow covered trees, and in Finland it’s like being a kid in a candy store 🤤 @ourfinland @levilapland

As you guys know, I have recently returned from an incredible trip to Finland. It was an equally beautiful and challenging adventure. Temperatures down to -35 Celsius at times allowed me to only take a couple of photos before I had to put my hands back into my pockets to warm up again. Our phones often died within minutes after being at full-charge, but the @zodiacwatches Super Sea Wolf watch I've been wearing this winter kept ticking even when everything else was failing. #SuperSeaWolf #sponsored

I've never understood the dislike a lot of people have for winter. Sure, outdoor adventures become a lot harder... but the beauty of freshly snow-covered landscapes is tough to beat. So far my two favorite trips this winter have been to northern Finland and a camping trip to the Mount Baker area of Washington. I've taken my @zodiacwatches on some pretty rough missions and it has always come back to my desk looking exactly like the day I got it. #SuperSeaWolf #sponsored

Finland was all that I was hoping for and more. On this particular night, we left our room at @wildernesshotelinari and took the snowmobiles out under the stars to this beautiful hut. We drank hot berry tea and waited, hoping for the northern lights to come out. Unfortunately, they didn’t this evening... but who is going to complain when this is second prize? @ourfinland @exploreinari

We just got back from Finland and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. It is definitely nice to not turn into a popsicle every time i walk out the door... but it was so absolutely magical there and I cannot wait to go back some day. What is nice though is to be back to my computer where I can get some editing done. Firstly, this is from a trip we did just before Finland in the Mount Baker area. We had the most magical conditions and couldn’t have asked for better. Always so incredibly thankful for nights like these. @eddiebauer #LiveYourAdventure #ebcontributor

In terms of picture-perfect postcard views, it doesn’t get much better than Moraine Lake. Yes, we’ve all seen this place a million times on Instagram, but it’s important to remember that often these places are popular for a reason. If you haven’t been to Moraine Lake, brave the crowds at least once make the trip because your mind will be blown I promise. #LiveYourAdventure @eddiebauer #ebcontributor

This was one of the last hikes that we got in last year before the snow started to blanket the mountains here in the PNW. To be honest, I usually love winter, but I’m kind of missing summer this year. Winter trips take a lot more planning, gear and time, which unfortunately I haven’t had lately with deadlines for our book “Roaming America” coming up. In summer, Renee and I can choose a spot, pack the car and be on the road in 30 minutes. Not so much in winter, at least not for us. Maybe we just need to get better at it? Regardless, Renee and I are heading somewhere special in a week and I’m stoked to take you guys along for the journey. Any guesses as to where we’re headed? #LiveYourAdventure @eddiebauer #ebcontributor

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