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Beautiful, beautiful images. Channeling the sense of freedom and light for the week. #manifestowoman #blancmagazine 📷 @blancmagazine

Don’t let rain stop play: an enviro friendly alternative umbrella situation. You saw it here first. Happy weekend everyone... after getting a little over-excited in Berlin last weekend I am seriously looking forward to some chilled time out. #manifestowoman #weekendvibes 📷 via @solstice_mag

Summer party invite? Nothing to wear? We can help... without you having to buy anything new. It’s like magic. You can shop our top picks in the summer party collection on the Manifesto Woman site. Or, if you’re hunting for something specific, get in touch. #manifestowoman #summerparty Models: @bon_ldn @dannliebermann @suzywright1985

The Manifesto Woman site has just had a little update with a new batch of loveliness, including these 3 magnificent dresses. The Margaret Howell gauzy silk number is a particular favourite. I am so close to nabbing it for myself... taking a lot of self restraint to keep it up for sale :-). Perfect for summer days (when they eventually arrive). #manifestowoman #summerdresses Models: @dannliebermann @suzywright1985 @bon_ldn

Help please. I am on the hunt for brands that produce planet friendly versions of everyday products such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hair accessories, razors, pens, etc. Essential items that are typically plastic but really don’t need to be. And, critically, I am after products that are stylish... I need the things I own to look beautiful because I’m shallow like that :-). Are you able to give me any recommendations? Hit me up with brands doing cool stuff. I’m all ears. #manifestowoman #onthehunt #coolstuff 📷 via @miss_moss blog

And we’re live: our latest stock update is up. Whatever you’re planning to do over the next few weeks - from beach holidays to a gig to a dreary work meeting - we have the gear to make sure you look spectacular. All 100% planet friendly. No guilt attached. #manifestowoman #planetfriendly Models: @dannliebermann @bon_ldn

Working with clothes all day every day means it takes a lot for something to make my eyes pop. This jacket has what it takes. Mega wattage every step of the way but still so wearable. Thank you so much for all the orders over the last 48 hours... a new stock update will be live tomorrow evening so keep your eyes peeled. #manifestowoman #megawattage Models: @bon_ldn @dannliebermann

My kind of colour palette...can you tell I was raised in Africa :-). Unbelievably, everything in this shot is still available to buy. I’ve tagged as much as I can. #manifestowoman #outofafrica Models: @bon_ldn @dannliebermann @suzywright1985

One of my favourite shots from Manifesto Woman’s first ever shoot this Saturday, starring this Amazonian punk rock beauty @dannliebermann ... one of the very first people to support my business. Little did she realise that less than a year later I’d be ordering her around my dining room while sticking a camera in her face! Everything she is wearing is secondhand and available online. Proof, if you needed reminding, that you don’t have to buy new to look smoking. #manifestowoman #nothingnew

Every week, or day in fact, I stumble across something or someone that blows my mind. Often it’s little people doing big things to change the world, but also it’s those creating amazing beauty or who see the world through a unique lens. I’ve started a weekly blog feature showcasing everything that’s been doing a good job of distracting me each week. Find it under Manifesto Discovers on the blog and feast your eyes on such fabulousness as @chieskafortunesmith @whatlydiamade @maraveratribe @doan_ly amongst much else. And if you don’t love it as much as me, where is your taste even at :-) #manifestowoman #manifestowomandiscovers

The world does not need another motivational Instagram account so don’t worry, this is a once off. But I’m back from holiday and trying to channel all my positive vibes into forward force. This quote hits me in the solar plexus every time I read it. So damn true. New site update tomorrow and hopefully my wildest dreams by the end of the week :-). #manifestowoman #weareback #spainwasamazing

Manifesto Woman turns 1 today. Happy birthday to us! Of course, we would be absolutely NoWhere if it wasn’t for you incredible people, cheering us on, supporting us by buying and selling with us and, critically, telling everyone you know about us. It’s been a hell of a journey and I’ve learnt so much. So many lessons but mainly: • take the leap of faith • do things before you feel ready • small steps really do rack up the miles over time • embrace community • reach out for help • own your failings • detach yourself from the emotion of a setback and ask yourself what you can learn from it • be proud of what you’ve achieved, no matter how small • keep your eye on your end goal but be prepared to pivot to get there • know that if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. So much love to you all. Here’s to many more Manifesto Woman birthdays! #manifestowoman #firstbirthdayparty

Me, next week. I’m taking a week off with my family, road tripping through southern Spain. My best kind of holiday. So this is a call for last orders. Anything ordered today/ tonight will be posted before I go. Anything after that will be posted on Tuesday the 9th of April when I am back feeling replenished and boundlessly energetic... and super tanned. 🍸 #manifestowoman #onholiday #roadtrip 📷 Pinterest (no source)

As those of you who have been supporting Manifesto Woman from day 1 (nearly a year ago... more on that soon!) will probably know, I spent twenty years in a very corporate environment before making the leap into sustainability and fashion. Although building a brand from scratch can be excruciatingly hard at times, there is also so much joy... none more so than the genuine relationships you begin to forge with your customers. This morning I was reminded what a privilege it is to have my business bring so many wonderful women into my life when a customer, who has been with me from the start - initially buying party outfits, then maternity wear and now baby & breastfeeding outfits - sent me a photo of her newborn boy. It actually made me cry. So this is a very soppy post (highly unusual from me!) to say a huge, huge thank you. You guys are amazing; thank you for treating me like a friend, for being such warm, generous, loving souls... you make the long hours worth it. Biggest love 💋 #manifestowoman #customerlove 📷 via @presentandcorrect

In a moment of madness last year I agreed to feature on the amazing podcast of @hungermama: @friendswithrecipes . I cringe at the sound of my voice (and accent!), seize up at the sight of a camera and struggle to cook under pressure. So an ideal fit all round. But I’m a firm believer in throwing oneself to the wolves and seeing what happens. So here we are - available now on all podcast platforms if you fancy a listen. I’ve not been brave enough to do so yet... will steel myself this evening with a stiff drink in hand. I used a recipe of @lizzieloveshealthy - a constant source of delicious meal ideas if you don’t follow her already. #manifestowoman #friendswithrecipes #hungermama

I’m looking to spread the Manifesto Woman London, on Saturdays. Do you know anybody (perhaps you/ your daughter/ niece/ neighbour/ barista) who is able to work for 8 hours on Saturdays for four weeks? I’m very nice and pay well, promise. If you know anybody interested/ interesting please get in touch. Please could I also ask you a favour: to like this post so that it gets seen rather than buried in the depths of algorithm hell. Merci ❤️. 📷 @drcuerda #manifestowoman #spreadingthelove

I can’t remember the last time I was so 🤩 about a new season... adore the prints, silhouettes and who knew beige could be quite so delicious?! No need to shop new though - see the Manifesto Woman stories for pieces available on our site that tap into the look. And, as always, much more to come. #manifestowoman #newseason #beigeaesthetic

I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of old and new... in homes, clothes, travel, everything really. I’ve had an idea swirling around in my head for a while... modern printing on secondhand clothes. Super excited to be meeting up with @neonmarl today to see how we might make this a reality. Let’s see where we get to! And with thanks to @styleyourselfsustainable for pushing the idea forward 💋#manifestowoman #neonmarl

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