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moments of solitude | #tokyocameraclub

fushimi inari-taisha is one of the oldest shinto shrines in kyoto. visitors walk under more than 10,000 red gates to get to the top of the mountain which offers a breathtaking view over the city. | #kyototravel

when i roamed kyoto's streets on a peaceful morning | #kyototravel

is this the real life? is this just fantasy? 🎮🎶 #tokyocameraclub

nagakin capsule tower was one of my architectural highlights in #tokyo . the building is part of the movement of metabolism and was designed by kisho kurokawa in 1972. the idea behind the construction is that the singular apartment capsules (each only 2,3m x 3,8m x 2,1m big) could be attached or detached depending on the inhabitants' needs. this idea would enable future buildings to constantly evolve and whole cityscapes to adapt. the tower remains a reminder of the movement, kurokawa's vision never became reality. even though this shot isn't perfectly symmetrical, even though it rained and the colors are washed out I wanted to post it so badly and decided to go for it, because it marks one of the strongest memories of tokyo i have. | #visittokyo

the breath-taking view from the panorama window of one of the countless skyscrapers of #tokyo . the way up was scary as hell (a glass elevator which took me up 47 floor in 25 seconds) but the view was worth the moments of panic 👻

candy spiral | couldn't resist this perfect instagram shot in #seoul ! taken with the ultra wide-angle lens of my #galaxys10+ #samsungsnapshooter @samsungmobile_de

new perspectives | i explored #seoul together with the #samsungsnapshooter gang in the past days. i loved the city's contrasts and liveliness and can't really process that our trip is already over. i took each shot in this album with a different lens of my #galaxys10+ . for the first shot i used the standard wide-angle lens, the second motif was taken with the ultra wide-angle lens and the third one with the tele lens. which one is your favorite?

no end in sight | #tokyocameraclub i arrived in seoul this morning! excited to share this beauty of a city with you in the upcoming days ❤

kyoto scenery | #discoverkyoto

how many helicopter platforms do you see? 🕵️‍♀️ | #discovertokyo

admiring the first cherry blossoms | #tokyo

another shot from gloomy gothenburg before leaving for two incredibly exciting weeks elsewhere! #ig_sweden

little guy on a mission | #dogsofinstagram

foggy pastels from yesterday | #tinypeopleinbigplaces

peeking outside | #samsungsnapshooter #withgalaxy @samsungmobile_de

northern shores | #visitscandinavia

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