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“Having a connection to how and where the goods we sell are made was really important and is the guiding principal behind how we buy for the shop,” says Golden & Pine (@goldenandpine) owner Stephanie Agne. Her boutique curates and sells ethically made home, garden and lifestyle items, with stories behind all their goods. “Stories has probably been our most successful Instagram avenue. We get the most interaction with our customers through doing polls, asking questions and direct messages that come from what we share.” 📷by @goldenandpine #igbusinessspotlight #kcweek

Watching the process of metal type getting inked and pressed onto paper is an oddly satisfying experience. “It began as a way to collaborate with some friends of mine that had bands, to produce letterpress printed vinyl and CD packaging,” says Hammerpress (@hammerpress) owner Brady Vest. What started as an after school activity has since become a complete print shop, design studio and retail shop that sells their own line of letterpress products as well as a curated collection of goods from other artisans. “We are most recognized for our quality letterpress printing, but Instagram allows us to also show off our custom design work, stationery line and the stockists around the U.S. and abroad that host us in their shops,” says retail sales and marketing manager Elise Sanders. “I strive to equally represent each aspect of the business on our feed, highlights, and stories.” What's their pro press tip for other businesses on Instagram? “We truly find success when we share the unique energy of our shop and team,” Elise says. “This might be through a quirky foil birthday invitation on press, a shot of our shop dogs lounging in the sun, or a slo-mo video of our press operator, Ben, karate chopping a stack of bin boxes.” 📷 by @hammerpress #igbusinesspotlight #letterpress

“We gave specialty coffee a voice in cold brew,” says Domain Cold Brew (@domaincoldbrew) co-founder Daniel C Lance. Born from the passion of 3 rockstar roasters, Domain Cold Brew set out to “freak out your morning cup” in their ready to drink bottled coffee. “Instagram is a triad between us, our products and our customers, Daniel says. “We even use Instagram to tell us who our target customer is and what they need from us. It’s literally my favorite business tool... above email.” What's their pro brew tip for other businesses on Instagram? “Stop asking why people aren't following or engaging with your account and start asking those who are why they are. Ask your users what you are doing right? Stop trying to fix everything you see as wrong.” 📷 by @domaincoldbrew #igbusinessspotlight #coldbrew

When it comes to American fashion, cities like New York and Los Angeles are the centers for America's fashion industry. But at its heart, in Kansas City, BLDWN ( is making waves by redefining the genre. “In this next chapter, we’re challenging ourselves to look at American design through a new lens, creating a modern approach to American fashion. A style rooted in the timeless qualities of the past that’s sharp, innovative and forward thinking.” Everything the brand does is meant to inspire conversation, and its “future classics” for men and women is no different. What's their pro tip tailored for businesses on Instagram? “Pay close attention to the content your followers respond to. Tailoring content to your following is essential for loyalty and growth. Everything we create is for our customer. We listen to them. It’s important that our consumers can relate to what we’re putting out there and that what we’re communicating is effective and understandable. During a rebrand/transition, this couldn’t be more essential to success.” 📷 by #igbusinessspotlight #kcweek #modernamericanfashion

There's no better way to familiarize yourself with a new city than a fresh cup of coffee. The roasters at Oddly Correct (@oddly) strive to create the most unique and engaging coffee experience in not just Kansas City, but the entire Midwest. According to Oddly Correct roaster and operating manager Mike Schroeder, they do it by “serving incredible coffees along with hand-printed letterpress art on every bag and caring for every individual our business connects with: from coffee growers, to customers, to our incredible crew.” Using Instagram from early on, sketching art on bags was an engaging and creative way to let people see the happenings of their brand. “Today we continue to enjoy the format of image and text that allows us to present both the visuals present in our product, and shop along with our message about who we are, why we do what we do, and how we're doing it.” What's their pro tip for roasting success on Instagram? “We've had a lot of success with having different strategies for Instagram's different features. With a recent remodeling and reboot of our tasting room on Main Street in KCMO, we saw great results using geographically targeted ads to get the word out about changes we made and received a huge response from the community.” 📷 by @oddly #igbusinessspotlight #kcweek #coffeeart #☕️

“Our mission is to create healthy food for busy times,” says Oatsome's ( online marketing manager Tessa Klostermann. Oatsome is part of our #inspirationalshopping week with GRAZIA Germany (@grazia_magazin) to celebrate the one year anniversary of Instagram Shopping in Germany. With their busy work life, founders Tim Horn and Philipp Reif were both fed up with unhealthy convenience food. They set out to create a healthy and delicious product without refined sugar and additives that also had a high convenience factor. The result? Healthy, natural and delicious smoothie bowls that are both quick and easy to make. “Instagram gives us the chance to connect with our customers and helps us to find even more smoothie bowl lovers,” Tessa says. “With the Instagram shopping tool, people can even be transferred directly from the post to our shop.” What's their smooth tip for other businesses on Instagram? “Be very social on Instagram and interact a lot with others. This really builds strong networks and great connections. To reach out to new customers, we use Instagram ads. They are extremely helpful, especially due to all the insights and tracking opportunities. Once a week we post a ‘question of the week’ related to our products and ask our customers e.g. what kinds of new flavors they would like. This works very well for us. Customers appreciate that their opinion matters so much and that they can take part in the process of product development. On the other hand it is also super helpful for us, as we can see what our customers want.” 📷 by #igbusinessspotlight #smoothiemoves

“Kendra created a brand and culture that authentically values giving back and making a positive difference in the community,” says Kendra Scott's (@kendrascott) social media manager Meg Moody. Family, fashion and philanthropy have been at the core of Kendra's brand since its humble beginnings in Austin. Known for her dynamic use of color and genuine materials, Kendra's commitment to innovation, quality and detail turned the small start-up into the brilliant brand it is today. And her core values still shine throughout the company today. “Our core values are woven into everything we post as we tell the stories of our experiential brand, from our products to our events to our heart for giving back,” says Meg. What's their pro tip to help other businesses shine on Instagram? “Our biggest tip and what we always remind ourselves of is that everything begins and ends with human connection. We utilize this digital space to share and to listen, which we do in a variety of ways. We’ve found the most success in using each part of Instagram’s platform as it’s intended. We increase engagement through Live, share more about our products and experiences on Stories, continuously create a consistent brand story on our feed, and introduce ourselves to new customers through our approachable ads.” 📷 by @kendrascott #igbusinessspotlight #atxweek #jewelry #youreagem #💎

“We saw potential in sharing our family's recipes in individually portioned, hand-held varieties,” says Tiny Pies’ (@tinypies) owner Amanda Wadsworth. The Austin-based pie shop is known for its tiny pies with lots of character. “Because of their unique qualities and size, visibility is crucial for our products. Instagram allows us to showcase and curate our products in gallery format, helping to overall support the Tiny Pies’ brand,” she says. “We ship nationally, so Instagram helps us reach our followers around the country. Without Instagram, it would be much more difficult to reach the same audience.” What's their Pi Day tip for other businesses on Instagram? “We believe that people like to know there's a story behind every picture, someone behind the keyboard. Overall, be yourself by staying true to your own brand and values. Don't get influenced by what others are doing.” 📷 by @annieraydotnet #igbusinessspotlight #piday #atxweek #🥧

“Amy’s Ice Creams has been serving over 350 flavors of super premium ice cream for over 30 years,” says the shop's (@amysicecreams) Instagram manager Leslie Walck. Known as just Amy's to locals, the shop's helpings come in more than just delicious desserts. When they're not scooping ice cream, they're teaching their employees learn about how small business operates. “We just happen to sell ice cream while doing it,” Leslie says. On Instagram, their profile serves as a photo diary, showcasing the evolution of their people, products and community. “For me personally as the Instagram manager, it’s a creative outlet to be able to express the things I love the most about this company.” What's their inside scoop for other businesses on Instagram? “Our number one pro tip is to engage with your Instagram community! Be it responding to comments, checking your DM’s and story tags daily, or reposting photos from your customers showing love to your Instagram community can carry you a long way.” 📷 by @amysicecreams #igbusinessspotlight #atxweek #icecream #🍦

“We’re inspired by the street food scene, where all flavors are welcome,” says Schlotzsky's (@schlotzskys) senior manager for social and digital strategy Victoria Nielsen. In 1971, their tiny shop in Austin sold a single sandwich, “The Original”, on a frisbee. Baking their sourdough sandwich bread from scratch every morning and closing their doors when they sold out. Now, the sandwich shop bakes to the timer of their own ovens with sliders, tacos, pizzas, salads, macs and, of course, sandwiches. “When you walk into a Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery, we want you to feel like you’re smack dab in the middle of an Austin food truck park, surrounded by the vibe that made our city famous,” she says. “Our new locations are covered in murals, just like Austin, and Instagram is the best platform to showcase that. Instagram is where we get to play.” What's their pro tip for business baking on Instagram? “Don’t be afraid to test things out,” Victoria says. “We’re constantly changing up the type of posts we do (static, motion, gifs, etc.) and it’s allowed us to learn quickly what resonates with our fans and what doesn’t. And what works for paid doesn’t always work for organic. Our paid posts are more polished, while our organic posts look more like user generated content, but they work together in-feed. We’ve only utilized Live a couple of times, but when we have, it’s our way of letting the fans see into HQ. That we’re real people who don’t take ourselves too seriously. Live humanizes the brand for sure.” 📷 by @schlotzskys #igbusinessspotlight #atxweek #letsgetthisbread #🥖 #🥪

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