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I’m always so amazed with the variety of color during winter in the high desert landscape of the Eastern Sierras. So many beautiful scenes to be found. I could spend a lifetime there and only scratch the surface. #shotwithschneider

The trunk of a bristlecone pine tree which was easily over 3000 years old.

California showing off its fresh spring coat

A flooded desert basin after a rainstorm always provides fun opportunities to play with reflected light and unique salt patterns. The desert is always a constant source of inspiration for me and every time I leave I can’t wait to go back. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

Beautiful sand patterns sculpted by the wind.

“Carved” The soft and soothing pastel colors of desert badlands illuminated by the diffused light of dawn. Although the water here has dried up millions of years ago, this scene reminds me of a powerful river carving its way through a mountainous landscape.

Liquid water trapped between frozen water reflecting a piece of this iconic vertical rock formation.

“Turbulence” I’ve just released a new gallery of work with over a dozen images from my recent stay in Death Valley. Feel free to view them on my site and let me know what you think! ......................................... As for this shot, my good friend @rosssvhphoto met me during the tail end of my solo mission and brought some amazing conditions with him. We were both pretty hyped to see how strong the winds were going to be this particular evening. Also was able to finally meet and shoot with the talented @maxfosterphotography who was much more prepared than me and my makeshift body and camera protection. I can safely say that I’ve become a bit addicted to shooting in these conditions especially since I’ve learned to close my mouth and cover my ears.

The desert creates some amazingly bizarre patterns.

“Impression” Returned home from 2 weeks in Death Valley where I got to experience what seemed like every type of weather pattern possible. From cloudless calm days to pouring rain and high winds. A trip I will remember and cherish forever.

“Steadfast” I was lucky enough to enjoy a week in the peace and solitude that these ancient trees have been enjoying for thousands of years.

“Brush” Eastern Sierra’s winter display. Shrubs don’t get enough credit.

“The Enchantments” Quite the show was put on for us the morning after our hike in. The way the larches lit up as the first light made its way into the basin was absolutely breathtaking. Moments like this fill my heart with joy while nourishing my soul. Nature is the greatest healer.

“Nourish” Autumn always seems to come and go so quickly. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

“Prusik” Just wrapped up another great trip to The Enchantments with a group of uber talented photographers. Felt extremely lucky to be able to witness and document its beauty for another season. @steveschwindt and I were more than relieved with the lack of butt kicking wind and sleet that still semi- haunts my dreams. Thanks guys for the fun times and great memories! @steveschwindt @rosssvhphoto , Jeff Lewis (landescapevisuals.com) @codyscapes @austin.james.jackson —————————————— This image was taken early morning after a chilly night of about 8 inches of fresh snow. The light in this scene only lasted for about 20 seconds as Pursik peak showed itself for a very brief moment.

"Continuance" ------------------------------ While shooting this scene, it felt almost surreal watching the fog flow through the redwoods during twilight. Almost like a dance between them...a very important one that I hope continues far beyond my time here. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

I really love shooting seascapes, but have taken a little break from my "comfort zone" in an attempt to flex the creative muscles as well as expand my portfolio. Doesn't mean I can't throw one in every now and then 😉 A special stretch of coastline close to home and to the heart.

"Aeolian 2" ------------------------------ Searching for intimacy in an overwhelmingly vast wilderness.

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