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“Impression” Returned home from 2 weeks in Death Valley where I got to experience what seemed like every type of weather pattern possible. From cloudless calm days to pouring rain and high winds. A trip I will remember and cherish forever.

“Steadfast” I was lucky enough to enjoy a week in the peace and solitude that these ancient trees have been enjoying for thousands of years.

“Brush” Eastern Sierra’s winter display. Shrubs don’t get enough credit.

“The Enchantments” Quite the show was put on for us the morning after our hike in. The way the larches lit up as the first light made its way into the basin was absolutely breathtaking. Moments like this fill my heart with joy while nourishing my soul. Nature is the greatest healer.

“Nourish” Autumn always seems to come and go so quickly. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

“Prusik” Just wrapped up another great trip to The Enchantments with a group of uber talented photographers. Felt extremely lucky to be able to witness and document its beauty for another season. @steveschwindt and I were more than relieved with the lack of butt kicking wind and sleet that still semi- haunts my dreams. Thanks guys for the fun times and great memories! @steveschwindt @rosssvhphoto , Jeff Lewis (landescapevisuals.com) @codyscapes @austin.james.jackson —————————————— This image was taken early morning after a chilly night of about 8 inches of fresh snow. The light in this scene only lasted for about 20 seconds as Pursik peak showed itself for a very brief moment.

"Continuance" ------------------------------ While shooting this scene, it felt almost surreal watching the fog flow through the redwoods during twilight. Almost like a dance between them...a very important one that I hope continues far beyond my time here. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

I really love shooting seascapes, but have taken a little break from my "comfort zone" in an attempt to flex the creative muscles as well as expand my portfolio. Doesn't mean I can't throw one in every now and then 😉 A special stretch of coastline close to home and to the heart.

"Aeolian 2" ------------------------------ Searching for intimacy in an overwhelmingly vast wilderness.

A sea of silky lupine within a sea of silky fog

It's incredible how quickly the fog can change your mood being in the middle of a Redwood forest. Listening to the haunting calls of the Varied Thrush while the fog nourishes these giants, I can't help but to feel emotionally connected to something much greater than us.

Light pouring through an ancient redwood forest.

"Ohlone" --------------------------- The expansive hills of California getting hit by dappled light from some fluffy passing storm clouds.

"Serpentine" ------------------------------ The beautifully rugged coastline of southern Oregon during some very strange fog conditions. #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

"Foothills" --------------------------------- The beautifully unique landscape of California. This vantage point caught me off guard because I had no idea what to expect when I made my way up that hill that blocked this view. There's nothing like seeing it yourself for the first time.

Rolling green hills of California hit by the last light of sunset. Inspired by some phenomenal photographers Jeff Lewis, @williehuangphoto and @davidthompsonphotography

"Aeolian" ------------------------------- A perspective from the top of some pretty intimidating sand dunes...at least for U.S. standards 😜 The desert is one of the most humbling places and was grateful to be able to share this experience with a close pal @steveschwindt So excited to have heard the dunes "singing"...a sonic phenomenon from the energy given off from the dryer top layer of sand when the temperatures are just right.

"Renew" --------------------------------- Wildflower blooms stretching along the hillsides as far as the eye can see reminding me just how lucky I am to be on this planet... #shotwithschneider #BWFilter

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