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🍭 INSTAGRAM VS REALITY CHECK 🍭 Today is World IBD Day and when I was in Disneyland a few days ago I could feel what I call an “episode” of my rectum inflammation symptoms coming on. I tried to have the best time whilst being aware my arsehole could explode at any moment but luckily it held out until we were walking back to the car park. It was my first time having an episode in public but luckily it didn’t last very long and I managed the drive to San Diego with no hiccups but the episode continued once I was back near a toilet. I swear my body ~knows~ what I’m doing & when would be the most convenient time to flare up which is a silver lining to it all I guess. Shout out to all my fellow IBD suffers - you are absolute troopers! What has been the most awkward place you’ve needed to rush to the toilet? 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭

I feel like I’ve been away for ages but it hasn’t even been a week. I knew before coming on this trip that it would be *non-stop* learning, exploring, filming, podcasting. Today is my last day in San Diego where I’ve been filming some videos with @schultzzie and tomorrow I’m headed to LA for more filming & working! It’s kind of ridiculous that I can come to sunny California and call it work (with a day break in Disneyland!) ☀️ but don’t get me wrong, I’m half way through this trip & I’m EXHAUSTED! I love my job but it is a job. Really excited to share all the #content I’m making here with you but also can’t wait to go home to my boyfriend & gecko (@mustardgecko 🦎🦎) and simply CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Are you someone who thrives on being busy & have to remind yourself to chill? because SAME 🙋🏼‍♀️

I will never stop being Disney Trash 🌈 what’s your favourite Disney/Pixar movie?

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and the theme is body image. I don’t think anyone has a simple relationship with their body. On the one hand I know I do still love my body with my scar & stoma & I’m pretty confident about showing it off (as you can see) but on the other hand I find it really difficult to look at past pictures of my flat, “normal” stomach without feeling a sense of loss and wishing that for just one day I could be back in that body again. Some days are easier than others, it’s always on the bad days that I seek out those photos of myself though. It’s important to talk about these things, I feel solidarity and comfort in hearing other people’s stories going through similar things to me. It’s good to know I’m not alone & we can support each other. Happy Mental Health Awareness Week! Let’s keep having these conversations 💛💛💛

Trying to get that angle where you can see the beads of sweat tripping down our thighs 😅 it’s pretty hot here out in the desert of Palm Springs and my body IS NOT USED TO IT. I get so moody if I’m too hot. Do you prefer the heat or cold? Comment ☀️ or ❄️!! ➡️ swipe for our girl band album photos.

One of the assumptions I talk about in the video I just posted is about my height. TO CONFIRM: I am 5ft. That’s it. Absolute short arse. Shout out to all my fellow tiny people! 🙌🏼 how tall are you? 📏

Using jet lag to my advantage & went to @fightmasteryoga’s class this morning! We did lots of poses that are good for people who spend all their time hunched over computers 🙋🏼‍♀️ so necessary for me! Are you a yoga person? 🧘‍♀️ thanks for the gifted leggings @outdoorvoices 🧡


AD | Thank YOU all so so much for your support on Always’ #EndPeriodPoverty campaign! 19 MILLION period products have been donated to schools across the UK and that is in part down to you liking/commenting on #EndPeriodPoverty posts on Instagram, so thank you! @alwaysuk_ireland has been working with the @theredboxproject to distribute the products. With these donations no pupil should miss school because of their period again! 🎉

Smiling on the outside but still a ball of nerves about flying on the inside. Don’t know why I’m feeling particularly anxious today but just need my soul to remember that flying is the SAFEST form of travel and turbulence is totally normal & safe. See you in just over 10 hours, California! ☀️🌴 What I’ll be up to: 🌴 Palm Springs for Clamour Summit learning about the business side of making videos. 🏰 Disneyland ☀️San Diego (first time visiting - please send recommendations!) 🎙 LA for seeing friends & podcast/video recordings! It’s gonna be a busy week & a half! LETS GOOOOOO ✨

It’s official. I’ve joined the @lucyandyak cult. 💛🌈 • Loads of my friends have Lucy & Yak clothes and I’ve been admiring from afar but it never felt like the right moment. Then today in Brighton I was recording an episode for my new podcast & the coffee shop my guest suggested to meet at was RIGHT NEXT TO the @lucyandyakbrighton shop. I’m lucky I didn’t come out of there with 5 new things but I managed to control myself & I only left with 2 amazing items of clothing. It really is a cult.

THE HORMONE DIARIES COMES OUT IN 5 WEEKS! 💛💙❤️ (this isn’t actually the final book, it’s a mock up sleeve wrapped around a different book lol). Today I filmed another roundtable discussion video, this time about periods & contraception with some incredible people! @myendometriosisjourney, @hellogabbye & @ameliofaitduski! 💛 can’t wait to share the video & book with you in FIVE WEEKS OMG! 💛 (pre-order link in my stories)

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