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The Aesthetica Art Prize celebrated excellence in innovation and creativity. We're seeking works that tell us something new about the world around us. Enter by 31 August through Image credit: @uwelangmann, longlisted artist. •

@uwelangmann is interested in the poetic everyday. Sweeping topographies are blanketed by clean, white expanses of snow. Langmann was longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2019. Submit your works by 31 August. •

The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries. Accepting works on any theme and on any genre, we're looking for the next generation of talent. Both established and emerging practitioners welcome. Image credit: @uwelangmann. •

#fromthearchives Leaning across bannisters and draping themselves against walls, they create an emotional architecture in which arms and legs are at once mechanistic and melancholy. •

#fromthearchives Within these fictional scenarios, anonymous figures create patterns of uniformity which allude to their own integration with architecture. Through stirring symmetry and cold, faded palettes, indistinguishable characters become part of the construction. •

#fromthearchives Having an interest in both individual and wider collective feelings, @evelyn_bencicova conveys undercurrents of socialism in the featured series Asymptote. •

#fromthemagazine @m.a.s.s.i.m.o.c.o.l.o.n.n.a's works are both unnerving and visually satisfying - each location has been designed down to the last detail, defying gravity along the way. •

#fromthemagazine Balls, balloons, plastic bags and paper planes are transfixed in moments of stillness. •

#fromthemagazine @m.a.s.s.i.m.o.c.o.l.o.n.n.a's series is inspired by the architecture of Luis Barragán and Ricardo Bofill. Each digitally enhanced composition offers a journey into a pastel utopia. •

#aestheticanewartists The images tie into one of the essential doctrines of Buddhism, in which beings are in a perpetual state of development. Glittering sands fall from bodies like an hourglass brought to life. •

#aestheticanewartists Entitled ‘Anitya’, @isabelle_chapuis’ series focuses on the idea of impermanence - of change, movement and the passing of time. •

#aestheticanewartists @isabelle_chapuis creates a dialogue between skin and sand, depicting the human form in a constant state of metamorphosis. •

#fromthemagazine The common thread that weaves together @_desertx’s artworks is an intention for ecology to take centre stage. Each project reaches out to the viewer with deeply ingrained messages about the Earth’s precarious situation. •

#fromthemagazine @johngerrard.inst’s ‘Western Flag’ is a deeply important structure that recreates scenes from Spindletop Texas - the procurement the world’s first major oil find in 1901. The virtual film projection emanates black smoke, looking at the turning point of mass consumption. As part of @_desertx. •

#fromthemagazine “I’m interested in how art behaves outside institutional bounds and how a place can become generative.” - Neville Wakefield, Artistic Director @_desertx. •

Tracking a shape-shifting figure shrouded in brightly coloured cloth, @eamonn.doyle.d1’s works are bold yet ethereal. •

The collection is available as a book from @michaelhoppengallery, and is exhibiting in 2019 as part of @photolondonfair, and most recently at @aipadphoto. •

Captured on Ireland’s western Atlantic coast, @eamonn.doyle.d1’s new series, ‘K’, is set against a compelling backdrop, evoking emotions of loss and mourning. •

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