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Bio:🕊Above All Trust God.🌱🌻”Vibrate Good Energy into others Soul;Making Them NEVER forget the Beauty of yours” #RDW👼🏾#VIC🤟🏽

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...Tho She can be a handful... She’s silly she’s Kind she’s full of Love And Light she’s Beautiful and Smart she’s Weird she has a BIGG Heart. But NEVERTHELESS SHES HAPPY #AlighnYourChakras #Blessed #GodsChosen #JustSmile 🤟🏽🖤 📸 ; Photo Cred. @monets.photos Model : Me (Starr)

Her confidence will Light up ya Life, I AM LIGHT!!!! #Queen #Goddess 💫🌻🧜🏽‍♀️ #SheIsStarr


... She’s made of Affirmations and Self Love... #LiveFree 🌻 #QUEEN 👑💫🧜🏽‍♀️

Friday,July 27th 2018 I Achieved a major accomplishment in my life. I set a goal and made a Plan, first half of the Hard Part is over. Long Nights in class, early Mornings at work and Never missed a day!!! I guess you can say it was all worth it in the end. I’m proud of myself and everything that I’ve done and will Become. It’s only up from here for me and not only just me but to all of my Babies No need to name y’all bcz you all know exactly who you are. I do this for you. Remember who you are not only are you the child of a KING remember you were created to do big things and I’m just one call away if you need me. This was a long hard fought Fight but I made it. God Is So Good. My worth is still climbing.... #BlueLooksBetterwithMyOutfitAnyway 😂 #Winning #IWorkedHardForThis ButWaitImStillNotFinishedYet #OnlyUpFromHere #ifICanDoItYouCanToo #MySupportSystemIsEverything #BlessedandHighlyFavored #IGraduated 🎓 #C/O2018 MORE PIX In my Story!!! #BLACKDOCTORSMATTER

....🧜🏽‍♀️Be the Divine Light that you Are and Awaken your inner Goddess👑 Swipe <<

😌 Im Just One Of A Kind... #IAmQueen #Goddess #IAmLight 🧜🏽‍♀️👑 #ImJustMe ❤️💙💫 #DeeperThanBeauty

Life Is Not measured by the number of Breaths We Take, But by The Moments that take our Breath Away, **** -Maya Angelou #BeautyInNature🍃 #GodsGifts 🙌🏽 #Breathe 🌬#Live #Love #Free

Chapter 🤟🏼☝🏼 #Blessed #Thanksful #31 please be good to me..

Sunny dayz Everybody Loves them ❤️

When I Tell Y’all I’m Sooooo In Love with these Babies And So Proud of them their Setting Such High Examples and making Such Great Impacts on the World!!! Their Shirts Say “ITS COOLTO BE KIND”, their Smart Gorgeous And Handsome! #Swipe #ProudAuntie #ProudBestFriend #THEYMATTER #DCSCHOOLWALKOUT #TOGETHERWESTANDDIVIDEDWEFALL having a doctors appointment wasn’t stopping them from standing for what’s right❣️❣️❣️❣️

On this day 13 years ago WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAYS OF MY LIFE... but a special day EVENTHO FOR AWHILE I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME. I’ve been through a lot in these years I’ve been living so far but the key is I NEVER gave up hope on myself that I could and would be someone Spectacular OR THAT IVE ALWAYS have been. I’d like to thank my Heavenly Father up above for sparing my Life. I have So much to be Thankful For. I’ve decided to share my testimony bcz I know that someone has given up hope. I want them to know that there is a light at the end of the Tunnel I promise. I was on my Death Bed Pronounced DEAD 💀, And God Stepped in and said NO NOT YET. And Revived my Heart, he Gave My Moma Her Three Girls Back... we all have a purpose in life and it’s up to us to figure it out it may have to take something Tragic to wake us up or to teach us faith as little as a mustered seed can move mountains and you’ll survive it. Idk why. But I’m just here to do my Part that I was called to do. Today i stand before everyone saying I did it I’ve done it I completed it and I’m still moving forward for better. I AM HOPE. Coming from not being able to walk, breathe on my own,Do math, ABC’s comprehend ETC. . Not knowing who my Family was friends were and Being told that I would Never. God is So good. I’m A Dental Assistant On her way to be a Forensic Dentist. I can’t and I won’t be stopped. I’m on a mission for Greatness and I WILL ACHIEVE MY EVERY HEARTS DESIRE. HAPPY BIA MONTH!!! #THERESHOPE #TBI #braininjurysurvivor #BlackDoctorsMatter #Stronger #IAMBIA #swipe HAPPY ANNIVERSARY @paige_imani @iamher_3times_better

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