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From Florida’s Spacecoast, Happy Mother’s Day drone fam! 💛

You know us...always hunting for the unique and novel subjects, projects, drone maneuvers, sound tracks, and creative edits! Makayla is the gifted one! Be sure and check out some of her recent work from some interesting clients 👉🏻 mgwpro.com. This shot is a Glass House located in Lake Nona, FL’s “Laureate Park.” It is a stunning work of installation art conceived and constructed by Brooklyn-based artist Tim Fruin. It’s a kaleidoscopic piece utilizing reclaimed materials and celebrates overlooked landmarks by pulling cues from sustainable urban design and America folk art, all while eliciting the spiritual qualities of stained glass.

This is how we do it...winter in Florida. Droning at the Springs. This is Weeki Wachi River located near the Gulf Coast and north of Tampa. Makayla shot a drone video here called “The Thrill of the Wild.” 👉🏻 It’s on vimeo/mgwproductions channel.

And they’re off...SUP’s in abundance. Our Indian River Lagoon, the most diverse ecosystem in the Northern Hemisphere, used to be the perfect place for an ecotour by kayak, canoe or paddleboard. But the lagoon’s health is declining. However, that didn’t stop these local paddlers.

Manatee Safe Haven. One of the most unique sights we’ve flown. Researchers counted 300+ manatees in this short spring run! The only bothersome thing we saw was how the researchers paddled a canoe right up the middle of the resting manatees to “count and observe them.” Wouldn’t it be less intrusive to these gentle giants to fly the drone and capture photo/video to do your counts? Who knows they may have been sleeping? #dronesaregood

We had a cold front pass through Florida cooling down our sunshine state temps a bit. And with it a veil of cirrostratus clouds that burst into a crimson glow just after sunset! Makayla was sitting at the river in the car with drone in hand minutes before the sun set waiting to see if the sky would turn. Its hard to tell sometimes if clouds along the horizon will interfere or cooperate in putting on a spectacular display of color. But Floridians all across the state experienced a beauty. Nothing like the view from a drone though! | 👉🏻 @mgwpro

Getting close to my bucket list shot of my absolute favorite cruise ship: Royal Caribbean’s “Anthem of the Seas.” It departs from chilly New York City area and stops here for a Port of Call to fuel up and continue on. One day I will take a cruise on this one. Someone said recently that the ship is so beautiful inside, you don’t want to get off! I love the “North Star” observation arm; you can see it in this pic. Cool ship! - kim

We have lived in two awesome year round climates: this beautiful place - LA JOLLA - and now Florida. We are especially thankful this time of year to enjoy t-shirts, shorts, beachwalks, and the warm sunshine most every day. Sending warm wishes to our drone fam experiencing winter wherever you are!

H A P P Y • T H A N K S G I V I N G “drone fam!” • Hope you had a restful and quiet day with family and friends to reflect on the abundant blessings we share like flying drones, sharing pics/vids and encouraging one another! Here’s one from a recent passion project to combine our love for horses and the ocean. Next on the bucket list is going swimming with horses in the ocean! 👌🏻

Golf course heaven right here. First cold front arrived and its perfect for golfin’ and gator viewing down here in Florida! So whats stopping you? Come on down! Shot this aerial just a few hours ago and it was super fun to edit. Added a little split toning. I confess ... I’m a Lightroom junkie.

A Castle in Florida?!! A little “out-of-the-box” for our gallery, but not really...READ ON 👉🏻Believe it or not this castle is located across the street from the beach! ▪️ Castle Otttis was created as an original landscape-sculpture... ”Done in Remembrance of Jesus Christ.” A landscape-sculpture is defined as a structure built to adorn or to view the landscape. ▪️ Castle Otttis is an impression of an Irish castle of 1,000 years ago. The interior was created under guidance of historians from the Catholic Diocese of Northeast Florida to evoke an atmosphere of an Abbey (or early Christian church) in Ireland during the same period. ▪️ The Castle is made available by appointment to schools, churches, colleges, universities, institutions and community groups for academic and spiritual environments and has provided a unique setting for small, intimate wedding ceremonies.

Wave sets rolling in on Cocoa Beach Pier from recent hurricanes that passed by offshore. Looking forward to the best time of year to live here in Florida: Fall and Winter. Crowds have ceased, humidity levels drop with mild temps, migratory birds return, spectacular sunrises/sunsets. Its a beautiful thing...so come visit us!

Maiden flight behind the sticks of the Mavic and Kim caught Lokahi Outrigger paddling onshore. Actually was out once in a 6-man canoe many years ago in San Diego Bay surfing some big waves coming in the inlet. Felt like Hawaii 5-0 🤙🏻

Cotton candy skies for the dawn patrol. Satellite Beach. Hurricane swells rolling in. Stay safe in NC! 🙏🏻🌀

#dronelife | #beachlife | #floridalife ... Makayla and her Mavic Pro flying Melbourne Beach.

Ever see a blue rosebud in a Florida Springs vent? Look closely...this is actually a school of Striped or Sunshine Bass swimming around in circles. Beautiful vantage from the drone! Peak springs hopping season right now in the heat of summer! #fromwhereidrone #floridasprings

Blue gems in the midst of the Florida forests! Summer is the perfect time to go “springs hopping!” Wanna learn more ... search “The Springs: Jewels of Florida” on YouTube. Enjoy! 💎 BTS story: tried capturing aerial video of this spring leaning out of a Cessna 130 back in 2012. Footage was too shaky and unusable. So Makayla bought our first drone - the Phantom 1 shortly thereafter! 😂 #fromwhereidrone #dronegear

We love droning the sea...always have. So appreciative for the continued support of Dirk Dallas and his #1 Drone Website/IG... @fromwhereidrone 👉🏻 his latest interview features Makayla and the making of her ocean documentary showcasing drone footage from around the world. Tell us what you think! 🤗

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