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Keit jag gjorde Gellack i Frankrike men det höll bara i två veckor knappt. Men ditt höll ... kul med nöjda återkommande kunder! Tack ❤️ Här har jag använt 018 BIAB från Tgb och lite silver glitter även det från tgb. Man kan göra så mycket fint med tgb Gellack. Använda en färg och sen pensla på glitter från olika flaskor/färger som redan är klara! Testa TGB du med! 👌🏻 🌸Bokning behandlingar : www.vackranaglar.com 🌸Produkter : www.nagelapoteket.se Har du inget inlogg? Maila mig gärna :vackranaglar@hotmail.com Kram Keit 🦋 #nailselection #nailselectionsweden #nailartist #nailart #nailpro #nailsonfleek #nailsdid #hudabeauty #beauty #nails2inspire #nailswag #naglarsödermalm #naglarstockholm #naileducator #nagelskola #nailschool #nailsoftheday #tattoo #camillaofsweden #nailsonpoint #nailpromote #nailsonfleek #nailstagram #thegelbottleinc #glasnails #nailsoftoday #swedishgirl #bokadirekt #thegelbottle #belövelyglitter

When @hollhorner changes her usual ‘different colour on every nail’ .. to this 🤪🤩🙋🏼‍♀️ #gelnails #nails #nailart #summernails #holidaynails #nailinspo #naildesigns #thegelbottleinc #thegelbottle

Loving this colour! Hot Tamale by @glazesetgo 🔥 Also got biab underneath to help try and grow my natural nails! Fingers crossed. @thegelbottleaus #nailsofinstagram #hottamale #glazestogo #glazeme #gelmanicure #biab #thegelbottleinc #builderinabottle #nailsonfleek #spicynails #gelpolish

When you do a rocking set of nails but you don’t like the pic for Instagram, does it even count? ⬅️ THAT mindset I need to get over. I know that I am proud of these, and IM👏🏼POR👏🏼TAN👏🏼TLY, she loved them too 💕 • *deep breath* Let's talk Bad Days - I feel like I've been a hot mess the last couple days, as a person, kinda inside and out. How do YOU deal when you’re stressin’ and sweatin’ at work?? I'm stressin about pics bc some days I am too back to back booked to get a good shot (anybody else? 🙋🏼‍♀️💔). Bad Days where I drop my Starbucks, and think I smudged more nails than I painted 😖 Weird Days when a client put her foot on the counter for me to please match her toes *sanitize furiously* 😷 Stressed Days when I have to check my rebooks are right, and if I can ask my nanny to come in early yet again to help fit in just this one more?? Rushed Days when I’m perpetually 5-7 min late and texting my next client quick that, oh can’t pee my pants be right back 😅 or all those days rolled in one AND OH YEAH DONT FORGET TO POST AND RESPOND AND REPLY TO EVERYONE 📭 • NO WONDER I KINDA FELT LIKE CRYING A LITTLE TODAY (ok that might also be my impending period, but still!) I do nails, but I also want to make YOU feel good. I think I lost focus on that these last couple days, overwhelmed by all the other bullshit. It's not just for "The Gram". A picture isn't worth more than the feeling someone has when wearing those baddies. My focus is your experience, and bringing myself back to center on that. The rest is just details, right?? • So maybe this "isn't the right time" for algorithms and this post, but hey maybe I just wanna lay in bed and tell you my fears and my secrets. Let's tuck in to a safe space and chat.

Cherry Baby what an awesome colour🍒🍒🍒 #biab #thegelbottleinc @thegelbottlenz #nailtechnician #nailsandbeautyonwindsor

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