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Long hours, bad tan lines, but in the end we did it for the sunset!!! 📷 @katherinee_op

Shot on my Sony A7ii with a $20 Minolta 45 f/2. $25 adapter that I can’t think of at the moment. Anyways, if you can’t tell, I LOVE traffic lights. Lol. Mostly because of the yellow tones. I’m obsessed with the color yellow. It makes me feel free for some reason. But umm.. You know, I thought a lot today about inspiration and what it means to be inspired, to inspire. I thought about the power of inspiration. I remember times in my childhood when seeing someone on TV would change my whole outlook on life and make me want to become a wrestler or a writer or an actor. The power of inspiration! How incredible to be inspired by people and art and ideas and stories. Being inspired almost feels like receiving super powers. I can remember watching an interview that @vegas_jones did and feeling so inspired that I felt empowered to leave my job. I can remember listening to @nipseyhussle & @passengermusic and feeling like I could shoot the greatest pics on earth. I remember watching @willsmith performances and thinking that anything was possible! I can remember all of these moments of inspiration throughout my life. So powerfully impacted by them that my ultimate dream shifted and I just wanted to inspire. Yeah, riches and fame may be cool. Yeah, power and notoriety may be cool. But what’s all that without the ability to inspire? How amazing to know we can help drive others into their destiny? How beautiful that we can so commit to our own dreams and vision that it makes others want to be great? How incredible that we are able to help others? I promise, if I can just inspire someone to be themselves, to chase their dreams, to go after the impossible.. I’ll feel like I did something worthwhile in my life!.. just venting again. #loveyall. #goodnight.

365 dias, um ano dessa marca de amor porque essa palavra define exatamente o que sinto e surgiu de forma imprevisível aos poucos foi ganhando espaço no meu coração, criando uma confusão, sim confusão hahahha, alegria das conquistas em pouco tempo e o desespero dos trabalhos acumulados, quando a tristeza "arrombou" a minha porta, chegou um momento onde desisti, eu não consigo, sou fraca, quando se tornou um peso fui em busca de mim mesma, me conhecendo buscando e sabendo exatamente o sentindo de tudo e de repente ficou leve novamente, não me vejo sem @reverie.fotos, assim emocionada e muito orgulhosa comemorando esse um ano, foi um sonho em conjunto onde não irei levar o crédito da criação sozinha mas hoje é solo com a certeza da gratidão que sempre vou ter pois trouxe " vc" e jamais desistir pois vou persistir e acreditar!! . 01 de Agosto de 2018 💕

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