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America: "Land of 5g, and the home of the sprayed" Oh say can you see what I see. 👀 You probably would if you looked closely. The country is filling up with #5gtowers at an alarming rate. Being hidden in plain sight. And a few who read this will know the depth of that statement. Let me elaborate a fraction. Do you notice every single telephone pole or street light?: of course not, they become a part of the background usually-eyesore or not. So why then are these towers being built into obscurity? Hiding in plain sight what we, the public, see as normal anyway. 🧐 Research #chemtrails too. And the ingredients/components of what makes them. (HINT: #aluminum) That's another factor that plays into the game. Because this is a game of moves...Who owns these towers? Are there any company names or logos inscribed on them? 🤔 Most importantly; research into what scientists, activists, doctors, parents, and those currently being afflicted with the numerous health related side effects of living near already assembled #5g towers. [See slide 7 for a brief listing] This is so critical there have even been MSM outlets reporting on the discoveries made in the research. But those aren't viewed like the new adverts for upgraded product potential. 🤑 Good news: there are some #precautions we can take. [See slide 8&10] 😷 I'm asking that you please research/share this information. These towers are being spread like the wildfires they can create. Please #generateawareness over this topic. Ask questions. Follow accounts or hastags discussing #5gprevention This is one of the biggest moves of precaution we can make. ✊🏼💙🙏🏼 #stop5g #freewifi #planesight #plainsight #gwentowers #ShapeoftheWorld #operationunity

(3/5/19) "I couldn't win from within cultures that destroyed me for love of mammon even if I wanted to so God lifted me up seasons ago. Some evil sought to violently hide that because it didn't esteem me because I wasn't evil." -Dexsta Ray #dexstarayspiritualwarfarequotes #dexstaraylifequotes #dexstarayquotesaboutgod #heavilypersecuted #malice #distortioncampaigns #domesticterrorism #demonic #evil #murderous #antichristbaphemont #plainsight #platformsunderattack #misinformation #multifaceted #rootofallevil

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