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Ok..so it was my complete pleasure to perform facial cupping therapy for her @rjekta935 .from superhit 93.5 red fm .tysm..for ur precious time. And trusting me.. It ws really nice meeting u. ❤❤ Facial Cupping Therapy 😊 Benefits of Facial Cupping :- 1. Gives Healthy Skin. 2. Improves Blood Circulation. 3. Clear Skin Pores. 4. Clear Dead Skin. 5. Helps in Glowing Skin. 6. Clear Acne & Scars. 7. Clear Black & White Heads. 8. Helps in Wrinkles & Lines. 9. Clear Pimples. 10. Heal Skin Naturally. More details :- @minhakhanpt_ct #cupping #cuppingtherapy #facialcupping #facial #facials #facialcuppingtherapy #skincare #skin #glowingskin #pimples #pimplesremover #acne #darkcircles #scars #blackheads #whiteheadsremover #wrinkledsoles #ageaging #healthyskin #facial #facialcupping #drminha

So I have alooooot of pimples and blackheads and whiteheads👀. So this year I decided to make water the only liquid I take. No juice No nothing, just water. It's not been easy though especially when I'm having junk food but it's worth it! I need to cleanse my body hoping too that my face will clear up even just a little! Of course eventually I will have change to taking juice maybe once a week but for now this will do! Took these in November when I was very much into juices and drinking half a cup of water in a day! Updated later! #cleanse #water #watertherapy #soulfood #health #healthylifestyle #acne #acneproblems #acnetreatment #pimples #blackheads #blackhealthlifestyle #whiteheads #skincare #skin #acnetips #acneproneskin #acnecommunity #acnesolutions #skinfade #blackgirlproblems

See? Why don't you start right now? Watch and follow. Link on bio 😊 . . . 악지성 화농성 여드름 피부에게 필요한 것. 소금, 식초, 그리고 약간의 끈기. 딱 열흘만 해보세요. . . . #ingrownhair #덕성여대 #우이동 #라엘왁싱 #hair #bodyhair #브라질리언 #tweezist #pimples #수유왁싱 #ethtetic #satisfying #waxing #제모 #인그로운헤어 #왁싱 #eyebrow #shaving #블랙헤드 #모공 #relax #lucanus #diamondpinzette #dermaplaning #oddlysatisfying

‼️‼️REAL TALK RANT‼️‼️ • I don’t think I’ve ever posted a non-makeup/non-filter selfie EVER so here it is. No makeup, no weave, no editing, NO FILTER! So let’s have some real talk right quick 😉 • I have struggled with acne since I was 10 or 11. And it was AGGRESSIVE. I dealt with my face being in consistent pain from the cystic acne covering my face. and I used bangs (that looked terrible on me at the time) to cover the cysts on my forehead or always had my sleeves surrounding my cheeks and mouth to distract from it. WHICH WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA AND PROBABLY MADE IT WORSE....but moving on... • I’m not shy and I did my best to never let it stop me from having fun and going to do things with friends or surrounded by people—but I could always feel the pain when I laughed, or smiled, or adjusted my glasses AND I always knew when people were focused on my face when having direct conversations. 😞 • Now I’m not here trying to promote any specific acne cleaners or sell some product because EVERYONE’S SKIN IS DIFFERENT. I tried a multitude of acne cleansers and different antibiotics and spent so much money (a lot of my parents’ which I definitely don’t thank them enough for) and went to a dermatologist and after a while my face started to wrinkle and crack and the cysts were still so prevalent. My face was getting covered in very dark spots (hyperpigmentation. All of the scars on my body heal very dark) More than 10 YEARS passed of consistently battling myself until I decided I couldn’t keep up. THEN I JUST STOPPED EVERYTHING. • My dermatologist told me I have sensitive skin-....THAT FRICKEN SIMPLE. She said stop everything and give your face time to heal. No more washes, no more toners, just @neutrogena Facial wipes and an all natural charcoal body scrub from @wholefoods. 😱 • In a matter of months my acne is almost fully clear. The signs of scarring are disappearing and I feel comfortable being in public with NOTHING covering my face. NOW yes I do use @rodanandfields #unblemish to MAINTAIN my complexion, but only once or twice a week. The other days I still use my favorite facial wipes and charcoal scrub♥️ • 🎶“You like my face? Gee thanks just washed it”😂😘🎶

Our bodies change during puberty, so teen skin care can be difficult. Often, our skin, as well as our moods, act up. Body and skin care are especially important at this time. Is your face shiny? Do you get blackheads and spots in your T-zone? Or is the skin on your cheeks tight and irritated? To be able to look after your skin properly, it’s important to know and understand your skins. Only then can you choose the right skin care treatments and get to grips with problematic skin. Find out your skin solutions with Isaac.

Our new Unblemish regimen is perfect for adults with acne. It is gentle for those with cystic acne and has soothing ingredients like pomegranate, chamomile extracts and ingredients to help fight aging like hyaluronic acid. Available 2/21 only through me, your Rodan + Fields independent consultant. 💜 #YourRFgirlBeth #AdultAcne #NewSkincareProducts #Acne #AcneSucks #Spotless #NoMoreAcne #YoungerLookingSkin #Zits #Pimples #CysticAcne

Do You know TEENS? Do you remember struggling with acne and how that effected your self esteem? What if they all knew their acne could be better in 1 day to 1 week? 👉🏼2 steps 👉🏼2 minutes 👉🏼2x a day 💯 % saw improvement in 1 wk or less. You can help them in 3 ways: ⭐️TELL THEM ⭐️TAG THEM ( they will get a free one week sample) ⭐️HELP THEM GET STARTED AND GROW A BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF!!Its as easy as spreading the word!! Let me show you how and walk with you every step of the way!! #YouCouldChangeTheirLife #GoSpotless #acne #teenacne #teen #pimples #helpforpimples #youcouldchangeherlife #numberoneskincare #skincare #lovemyskinbyrandf

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