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This is fire lol. need more tattoos tho. #PICKD4PREZ 🤘

We are a family startup based in Santa Ana. Currently, we operate out of an old-school garage gym. A small, intimate place.⠀ ⠀ NO distractions⠀ NO mirrors⠀ NO judgment⠀ ⠀ We strive for a connection with our clients. There are a lot of us that are suffering. We are looking to provide a source individuals can turn to in times of need. ⠀ ⠀ Aurelius Athletics is the platform for any individual to turn to for a credible resource in the fitness industry, and ultimately, a direction in life. We make every attempt to continuously feed society the information necessary to fulfill greatness. Average has been programmed into modern society. That needs to stop 🛑 . Even your own thoughts constantly lie to you. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Aurelius Athletics Be Creative • Bring Value Orange County, CA (949) 331-3034 Strength & Conditioning for 🥊Fighters, 🎤Comedians, &🚨First Responders/Military

I want you guys to hear this one out 🔊 • I’ve been listening to @fearlessmotivationofficial for a long time now. They really get me fired up, the verse I chose for this video hits me on so many levels. 🙏🏼 • “Successful people are successful because they FEED THEIR MIND every day. They feed their mind with SUCCESS. Just like a strong body needs the right nutrients to achieve peak condition. The person you will be in the future is based on EVERYTHING you do today. The people you hang around with, but more so the people you LISTEN to. The opinions you BELIEVE. The books you read or the videos you watch, all the information you take in, positive or negative will effect your future. The workouts you do or don’t do – that will show in your future. The foods you eat today will effect your future on a visual and energy level.The same is true with your THOUGHTS and INFORMATION. What you FEED your mind will SHAPE YOUR FUTURE.” • • I personally have changed my life around, I don’t let anyone stop me from reaching my goals, I have taken out the toxic in my life in so many ways. I am more than ever focused on my goals and becoming the best version of myself. • Reverse grip pull downs: 3x - 15reps Rows: 3x - 12reps (HEAVY) • I am working on making workout programs soon so when I am finished I will post all of them on here! Thank you guys!❤️💪🏼 #StaySwole

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