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Bit by bit we're adding pieces to our master bedroom. The drapes were crazy on sale and the settee was free from a woman my mother-in-law works with. . A couple of snags though. . 1. The window casing still isn't up. We're hoping to get that finalized this week or on the weekend. . 2. We originally wanted only one panel on the window but when I was hanging them I realized that these panels simply weren't wide enough. . 3. The settee doesn't match and it will be expensive to get it re-upholstered. BUT when we took the cushions off to clean it we could see that the original background colour is more of a pearly white. So if we can manage to get it clean it might actually work with a few minor (and cheap) adjustments. . 4. This is the most devastating. We cannot find the reindeer pelt we bought in Finland. We're freaking out. It was in the room we've been using as a closet and we both saw it for sure less than a month ago. Major problem and fear that we have? It was in a black garbage bag. And we went around the house in a garbage collecting rampage because after Christmas we can put out more bags than usual. We both still have hope that we will find it somewhere but are also terrified we won't. It is supposed to go on the floor in front of the settee. . 5. We still haven't decided/agreed upon artwork for the room but ideas are floating around. . As with most rooms in this house, the master bedroom will continue to be a slow work in progress. But now at least it feels less "constructiony"

Finally we have started! The beginning of our master bedroom/WIR/ensuite & Tom’s bedroom 🛠 Joe has spent all weekend doing the demo, so far two nasties to deal with (some asbestos and an old rats nest 😷) but he discovered the floor underneath the carpet is Tassie Oak. Win!! . . . #renovation #masterbedroomrenovation #ensuiterenovation #goodbyebathroomcarpet

Do you ever really "Finnish" renovating a house, especially an old one that needs maintenance, care and attention? So close to getting the house to where I had dreamt of in my head for so long and now with our new adventure we won't get to fully appreciate it. . . . . . . #newadventures #myperiodhomestyle #myhomevibe #masterbedroomrenovation #masterbedroom #MyFaBHome #farrowandball #farrowandballinchyrablue #inchyrablue #madedotcom #roscoebed #cornerofmyhome #mycosyhome #colourmyhome #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #periodproperty #perioddetails

#masterbedroomrenovation l Karmei Yosef #RozenfeldArchitecture Photo by @shai.epstein.photography

Master Bedroom renovations. So happy with the results. I'm never leaving my new room now lol. #masterbedroomrenovation #renovation #bedroomrenovation #ilovemybedroom

Collection of top posts of #2018bestnineinstagram #2018bestnine #bestnine2018 This year was definitely a nice mix of designed spaces, furniture refinishes and furniture builds! Goal is to continue this trend though 2019. I want to continue to improve my skill set in furniture building and also go back to posting on my blog. I’m grateful I was able to work on my house this year and makeover 2 kids bedrooms and completely renovate my master bedroom/bathroom/closets! 💃🏻 2019 I look forward to creating customized pieces of furniture for YOU as well as design those problem areas of YOUR home that you need help with! #moderndesign #modernchic #masterbedroomrenovation #slidingbarndoors #barndoor #barndoors #refinisheddresser #paintedfurniture #masterbathroomrenovation #masterbathroom remodel #xbaseconsoletable #moderndesk #closetrenovation

Once you have completed a project it’s mandatory to start on another one right? Last thanksgiving we started our bathroom demo so why not finish Christmas off with our master bedroom demo?! This small room is next to our current master and we have plans to combine these two rooms to some extent! I have waited almost two years for this moment and I am so excited to get this rolling! I cannot wait to have a nice finished master bedroom!! Merry Christmas everyone!! #oldhouse #oldhouserenovation #oldhouselove #colonialhouse #colonial #masterbedroom #masterbedroommakeover #masterbedroomrenovation #homerenovation #diy #fixerupper #demoday

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