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“DeVargas And Sandoval” and a Saturday story... We’ve been back in Santa Fe now for two weeks. It feels fantastic to be back. Primarily we moved back because of real financial issues - Cost of living, commuting for my husband, changes in the status of my medical treatments, and insurance issues. Two months temporary living in Albuquerque, on top of healing from having both my wrists broken simultaneously, but on different occasions, right before the Christmas holidays, lead me to feel completely enclosed in a bubble. Symbolically broken, handcuffed, straight jacketed, hindered. I don’t talk much about my illness here on instagram, but truth of the matter is that I have a chronic illness, and it has taken every sliver of a normal life one can have, including, but not limited to, the disastrous financial downfalls... The closest I can get to feeling that I have a normal life is by being in a small town like Santa Fe. I can walk everywhere! I haven’t been able to drive for all my 40 years due to cognitive issues related to my illness, so I felt extremely trapped and isolated in Albuquerque. I also find that bigger cities make me feel lonelier... I loved Albuquerque in many ways, but at this time in our lives, it just didn’t work out, so we had to part ways. I will definitely enjoy visiting the city! Santa Fe is a friendly, small town with big city attributes. You can strike up a conversation with anyone at a store, on a trail, at a coffeehouse, or at an art opening. At any rate - I love being back in Santa Fe, and even though we are in for some tough times ahead, I am in the comfort of a place that is home to me. Gratitude to the city and people of Santa Fe for all contributing to provide this city vibe!!! I am happy being back here photographing the city I love!!! I hope you enjoy my work! Have a great weekend y’all!!! 🥂❤️✨

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S O M E S H A D O W S. #part3

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