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Here’s an easy delicious recipe that I use at home. This is basically a @hseanbrock recipe from his cookbook, Heritage. In this book, Brock describes his epiphany - cooking vegetables in their own juices to “intensify their inherent flavors”. In this recipe, you basically braise carrots in carrot juice and other herbs and spices, and then reduce the liquid to a glaze. What makes this dish fun? It’s super versatile; you can use a variety of different herbs/spices and make it your own. Try combinations of: curry powder, rosemary, tarragon, chervil, nutmeg, brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, bay, different fruit juices. My take uses berbere, an Ethiopian spice blend (find this on Amazon or any specialty store), thyme, sage, a splash of orange juice, and carrot juice (easy to find at any Trader Joes). . . - 1/8th cup orange juice - Carrot juice. enough to cover the carrots about half way. The small container from TJs will do. They also have a carrot juice with turmeric that should work nicely as a variation - One bunch of carrots trimmed and peeled - 5 sprigs of thyme - 2 generous sprigs of sage - 1 Cinnamon stick - 1 teaspoon Berbere - A pinch of salt - 2 tablespoons butter - Optional: Dash of sumac Extra Credit: Lime Crema simple - combine creme fraiche or plain yogurt with lime juice to taste - don’t be shy with the lime, it should be nice and tangy. This one’s easy. Add all your ingredients to a large sauté pan and bring to simmer over med-high heat. Then cover and reduce heat to low, braise for about 10-15 minutes, or until carrots are fork tender. Remove carrots and reduce sauce over high heat until it forms a nice glaze. Remove pan from heat and swirl in the butter. Add carrots and toss to coat thoroughly. Finish by drizzling some lime crema on the plated carrots and season with sumac for a splash of color and a little more acid kick. Garnish with fresh herbs if you want to be fancy and impress your guests. . . . . . . #losangeles #animalrestaurant #jonandvinnys #food #kismet #bestiadtla #bacomercat #foodie #foodporn #nom #🍕 #familymeal #chefmode #sqirl #troismec #carrots #seanbrock #heritagecookbook #homecooking #cookbook #sage #thyme #🥕

Crazy rich Foie Gras Loco Moco with rice, beef patty and spam topped with a runny quail egg in teriyaki sauce from the one and only @animalrestaurant ! This place deserves 100% of the hype🤩🤤

In a nutshell, @konbi is a Japanese sandwich shop. The storefront is a red geometric shape; to the left you are greeted by a takeout window, and a slender wooden handle to the right. Inside, a row of stools are tucked tightly between a pristine steel kitchen and a white wall laced with pine. It’s clear a lot of care went into this. Every surface painted with stainless steel, utensils kissed by brass accents, and everything else rests on clean wooden lines. Immaculate little cubed sandwiches are the star, cut into thirds and crusts removed. On the menu you’ll find egg salad dressed with dashi, Mayo, Dijon, with a soft yolk egg at the center. There’s pork katsu (a japanese schnitzel of sorts 🤷🏻‍♂️) with a spicy vinegar slaw to cut through the fat. Konbi is great place to surprise a friend. Its charm might inspire conversation on that first date. It’s fun and delicious food that won’t break the bank and there’s nothing else like in LA. . . . . . #losangeles #animalrestaurant #jonandvinnys #food #kismet #bestiadtla #bacomercat #foodie #foodporn #nom #🍕 #familymeal #chefmode #sqirl #troismec #konbi #echopark

It’s funny how you go to a New York food festival to eat food from LA. I loved @animalrestaurant and @sonofagunrestaurant when living in SoCal so I knew I’d like @jonandvinnydelivery. Their spicy vodka fusilli pasta was so al dente and fresh it was steaming off the plate when we first got it. A touch of basil and Parmesan cheese, this was probably our favorite food item of the day. We also got to hear them speak at the panel about how they got started and the LA food scene. Made me miss California 😢. 🤔 do you like Italian food? 。 。 。 #eeeeeats #eeeeeatscon #zagat #livelacroix #animalrestaurant #jonandvinny #infatuationla

IT’S THE FREAKIN WEEKEND !!! “boner burger,” 420 sauce, jack cheese, poblano, red onion • brunch & off-menu for dinner 👅 #animalrestaurant 📸: @briannechan

Hearth. hound. home. @aprilbloomfield’s LA foray is an escape, nestled in a gorgeous nook in Hollywood formerly known as ‘The Cat and Fiddle’. Kanpachi aperitif, za’atar charred broccolini and black cod fillet with the perfect maillard crunch; for a moment I was somewhere else and two cocktails deep. Bloomfield is yet another outsider, lured by California produce, making thoughtful, restrained, wholesome food. Her presence is refreshing, (literally, you can see her from your table, the open kitchen is close by) - I think It’s important to have another quality small plates restaurant in this neighborhood not owned by someone named Jon or Vinny. Unfortunately, this place is tainted by sexual misconduct allegations against April’s business partner, Kevin Friedman who has since distanced himself from business operations. The big question is: should we ignore the work of an amazing woman because of her (now banished) partner’s misconduct? 📸 Interior images from la.eater.com @eater_la . . . . . . #losangeles #animalrestaurant #jonandvinnys #food #kismet #bestiadtla #bacomercat #foodie #foodporn #nom #🍕 #familymeal #chefmode #sqirl #troismec #aprilbloomfield #spottedpig #hearthandhound

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