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Цвет настроения- вся радуга🌈! А как может быть иначе, если рядом Человек- Солнце🌞! Лучезарная улыбка Евгения Хмары способна озарить собою весь мир🎶😃🔥🔥😃🎶! #встреча #радость #музыка #вдохновение #счастьеесть #жизньпрекрасна #хорошийдень #хорошеенастроение #супер #следуйзамной #сюрприз #инстатоп #инстатаг #diannagolde #musiclover #musically #poetry #surprise #photooftheday #instagramanet #happypeople #happyday #nicepic #superstar #instatags4likes #mystory #congratulations

Recently acquired disc from Village des Valeurs in Sherbrooke, Québec, that was only $1. This one is the first record I have picked up in Portuguese! That I remember about, at least. The group is called @trioirakitan Trio Irakitan, and the record hails from Brasília 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 (Brazil). At first I thought it was just Spanish spelled wrong, as in it was American-made, but as I looked closer, I realized it wasn’t Spanish at all! Plus, it says, in Portuguese, “Made in Brazil” on the back. These songs are full of rich harmonies. The trio really uses their voice like a tightly-knit barbershop choral group. They sing songs largely based on courtship and love, but they do so with style. The arrangements were thought-out, too. The songs are embellished with variant structures, with cool intros, outros, and interludes within the skeleton of each song. Trio Irakitan’s style is similar to other Latin LPs I have, mainly from Colombia, but you could not classify all Latin music in one “Latin Music” box if you are any kind of lover of the music. Even the spoken language varies from country to country! So it was interesting for me to get my hands upon my first Brazilian record. (CAPTION CONTINUED IN COMMENTS SECTION) . Let me know what you think or fill me in on some more details of the group, if you know them, in the comments section! . . . . . . . .

Here is another version of a song I posted last week by Chet Baker, “My Funny Valentine”. This version is by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet. Gerry Mulligan is a saxophonist 🎷🎷 and he was a frequent collaborator with Baker. This version of the song maintains a similar ambience as Chet’s version, but the atmosphere is less sparse. Here, there are countermelodies swirling around the main melody and it all comes together, creating rich harmonies along the way. I had discovered Gerry through listening to Chet Baker’s music. When I found this vinyl (just $1 at @estrieaidesherbrooke Estrie Aide in Sherbrooke!), it quickly became one of my favorite jazz records because of this song and the other displays of swing and groove displayed by the band. Let me know if you are a Mulligan fan in the comments! . . . . . . . .

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